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Self Service Login

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No regular users should ever be logging in to Self-Service Banner using these log in pages. Only administrative users who need to access Self-Service Banner without using mynewschool will ever need to use these log in pages. Regular users should always access Banner Self-Service by logging in to my.newschool.edu

Note: It is a violation of University policy and applicable state and federal law for a user to attempt to gain access to an account for which he or she does not have proper authorization.

Production, DEVL, and PPRD users:
  • Enter your regular NetID and password to log in to Self-Service Directly
  • If you forget your access information then use the regular account reset pages at account.newschool.edu
  • When finished, click Login.
Other testing instance Users:
  • After a refresh we will typically revert the test instance back to using Banner ID and PIN authentication. This will allow administrative users the ability to see what the end users would see in production.
  • Enter your 9-character New School ID, beginning with the capital letter "N" in the "User ID" field below.
  • Enter your six digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).
    If you Forget your PIN number, enter your User ID and click "Forgot PIN?" below. This will allow you to answer your security question and reset your PIN. Alternatively a person with access to do so in Banner can reset your PIN.
  • When finished, click Login.

  Stop Authorization Failure - Invalid User ID or PIN.

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